Leveraging our proprietary Core + Satellite approach and a long-term holding philosophy, we can work with you to build an investment portfolio that aims to maximize returns and help you reach your wealth goals.

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Baird Trust Investment Management Strategy

Baird Trust has spent the past 25 years developing an investment philosophy focused both on long-term, high-quality assets and on new companies and technology that will shape the future. In this video, the Baird Trust investment team explains how they think and act like long-term business owners. By assessing the business, the management team and the price, Baird Trust chooses stocks that would make our clients feel comfortable as fractional owners of that company.

Our Core + Satellite Approach

  • Seeks to preserve capital and mitigate risk through a significant exposure to large-cap equities and fixed income – segments of the market that historically experience less volatility and provide income.
  • Allows us to take advantage of diversification, gaining exposure to multiple asset classes through the insights of mutual fund managers.


Large-Cap Equity

Our Core + Satellite approach relies on our Large-Cap Equity strategy for long-term capital appreciation with historically less market volatility than other equity sectors.

Strategy Highlights:

  • 25-Year Track Record
  • Portfolio of 25–30 Individual Large-Cap Equity Holdings
  • High-Quality Emphasis
  • Long-Term Business Owner Focus
  • Low Turnover: Five-Year Average of 5% Results in a Tax-Efficient Strategy
  • Benchmark: S&P 500

Fixed Income Management

Our core fixed income approach focuses on a high-quality intermediate bond portfolio with investment-grade bonds, enabling you to preserve capital and enjoy a sustainable income stream. Investment decisions are focused on duration, sector exposure and credit quality.

Strategy Highlights

  • High-Quality Investment-Grade Bonds
  • May Supplement with Mutual Funds or Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Diversify Holdings to Help Reduce Risk
  • Seek Current Income and Preservation of Capital


Our satellite investments play an important role in our Core + Satellite approach, giving us the opportunity to diversify your portfolio with exposure to multiple asset classes.

We use mutual fund managers and investment vehicles that have a disciplined process and have performed well over the long term. Through our partnership with Baird Equity Research, due diligence is performed on the funds we own.


  • Mid-Cap
  • Small-Cap
  • International
  • Emerging Markets
  • Real Estate

Contact your Baird Financial Advisor to request a strategy fact sheet or to learn more about Baird Trust Investment Management.


Past performance is not a predictor of future success. All investing involves the risk of loss. Baird Trust does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your Baird Financial Advisor about your own specific financial situation.

Investment Strategies


Baird Trust Separately Managed Accounts

Clients can access Baird Trust investment management through model-based investment strategies. Strategies include:

  • Large Cap Equity
  • Equity Income
  • Core + Satellite 100
  • Core + Satellite 70/30
  • Core + Satellite 50/50


Custom Portfolio Management

Want access to Baird Trust investment management capabilities but aren’t ready for a trust? With our Custom Portfolio Management program, a Baird Trust Portfolio Manager can customize and manage a portfolio of investments on a discretionary basis, without trust services. Features include:

  • Customized portfolio for clients, based on risk tolerance and investment needs
  • Access to a full spectrum of asset classes and investment vehicles
  • Tax-efficient management, when appropriate