For Baird’s wealth management clients who are charitably inclined, the question typically isn’t “Should I give?” as it is “How do I maximize the impact of my giving?” By partnering with Baird Trust, you and your Baird Financial Advisor have a wealth of strategies available to make the most of your philanthropic intentions.

Baird Trust’s Charitable Solutions Strategies. Charitable Solutions Strategist Jonathan Raymon discusses how Baird Trust can help you make the most of your giving.

We always start by asking, ‘What values are important to the client? What goals are they looking to accomplish with their giving?’ We then collaborate with the client and their Financial Advisor on vehicles that could best accomplish those goals.

Jonathan Raymon, Charitable Solutions Strategist

Private Foundations

With a family foundation, you can create a meaningful legacy and involve future generations to support the causes you’re passionate about.

The Baird Advantage. Baird Trust can act as a trustee or agent while helping to facilitate charitable gifts in accordance with the charitable intent of the family. Baird Trust can also collect grant requests, verify qualified deductibility, coordinate all recordkeeping and tax reporting and administer individual grants and scholarships.

Split Interest Trusts

Split interest trusts, such as charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts, allow the benefits of a gift to be split between the donor and the charity.

The Baird Advantage. By working with you and your Financial Advisor, Baird Trust can help determine which kind of trust is a best fit for your needs, depending on such factors as charitable impact, tax impact and income needs, and administer the trust.

Nonprofit Organizations

If you sit on the board of a nonprofit, you may be able to reduce your liability while adding development resources.

The Baird Advantage. As a fiduciary, Baird Trust can manage the nonprofit’s investments in a way that is aligned with the organization’s financial integrity and mission. In addition, Baird Trust can tailor an Investment Policy Statement, help create and implement investment social screens in line with the nonprofit’s mission, assume certain reporting requirements, serve as a contact for donor stock gifts and lead seminars on how donors can give more efficiently.

Baird Trust can craft a charitable giving strategy that reflects the client’s values and maximizes the impact of their gift. Contact your Baird Financial Advisor to learn more about the benefits of partnering with Baird Trust.

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