Pieces of blue confetti falling

Celebrating a New Chapter

Many happy returns to two of Baird Trust’s finest.

Baird Trust relies on the collaboration of many talented individuals to provide the very best trust, estate, investment and charitable giving advice and service. Please join us as we say goodbye to Lead Trader Grant Herrington and Trust Officer Dan Clifton as they enter retirement.

Grant Herrington

Grant Herrington retired on March 1 after a 43-year career with Baird and Hilliard Lyons Trust. His friends at work called him “computer-like,” trading thousands of accounts in his career with meticulous care. But what really stood out was his commitment to his work and to his clients. Grant was always the first one in the office and served as a mentor to colleagues in trading. Outside of work, he was dedicated to giving back to the community, and was known to spend his personal time out of the office leading middle-and high-schoolers in his church’s youth camp. When asked what he was going to do in retirement, Grant deadpanned, “I’m going to take a nap!” Presumably after the nap, he plans to spend his time working on home projects, spending time with his daughter Kasey and traveling with his wife, Cheryl.

Grant Harrington at his retirement party

Grant Herrington on his last day with Baird Trust


Dan Clifton

Dan Clifton retired on February 28 after 10 years with Hilliard Lyons and Baird and 29 years with PNC. Dan stood out for his moral compass and loyalty to his clients, often saying “We will do anything for our clients as long as the trust document says we can and it’s legal!” He was also known to walk the city on his lunch break and come back with some interesting stories about the people he met, including a girl “with shorts on her head” and a man who bestowed his wisdom by saying “It could always be worse.”

Dan Clifton at his retirement party

Dan Clifton sporting his new retirement outfit.

Grant and Dan, we hope you both enjoy your retirement!